Mohubedu Medici Dynasty

Commercia et negotiationem perfectus

The MMD Mission

In an atmosphere of perpetual change the role of effective risk management practice is vital in contributing towards the realization of our business objectives. An investor is never truly risk averse because the greater the potential risk presents the greater the potential gain. Our aim is to continuously purchase value at a discount, by scouring many companies and finding companies that have been, and are using their assets effectively. 

 Our objective is to invest in growing companies, companies which continuously expanded their operations through existing structures, and also by way of acquisitions through other successful strategic brands.

 Our mission is to find and identify existing value in companies but also to identify potential value. We are genuinely interested in companies that continue to diversify their revenue streams, and avoiding revenue risk from dependence of traditional revenue streams.

  Our mission is to further identify disruptive companies and technologies; we believe a company’s strength is in its management. Therefore we seek companies that have strong management. Although we are not risk averse as MMD we do not take risk entirely gambling is not what we do.

 The MMD objective and story line is not new to that of other existing investment holding companies.  We simply seek to see significant returns over the long term, and moderate returns in the short to medium term, which beat inflationary effects and outperforms other investments over time.  
At MMD we will not conform if it does not make financial sense to us.  At MMD we know and understand wealth creation. The mission of the Mohubedu Medici Dynasty is wealth creation. Ted Johnson has done it, Warren Buffett, Sir John Templeton and the great Giovanni di Medici.

What we are saying is we seek to be between the 1 Percenter's, because they understand that success is about tomorrow. Success is about the legacy. What we are saying is you owe everything meaning you own very little to nothing. Debt is a symbol of oppression it is the perpetuity of poverty. Success has continuity if you build a legacy your children's children will get to enjoy it too. The mission of the Mohubedu Medici Dynasty is to write a new story line for its self. A storyline with a happy ending for the Dynasty.  The mission and the storyline is the odyssey of wealth. The Mission is to continuously grow through value investing. To invest where we can achieve value and drive this engine for change. That is the MMD mission.