Mohubedu Medici Dynasty

Commercia et negotiationem perfectus

About Us

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The Mohubedu Medici Dynasty is a private investment holding company. The Mohubedu Medici Dynasty is interested in a value filled portfolio. Meaning that our portfolio will be a less speculative portfolio, with very few small caps at any given point in time. The majority of our portfolio will be Large cap and midcap companies and mostly mid cap companies. Midcap companies offer enough security as they are big enough not to disappear overnight yet offer huge opportunity for growth. 

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Asset management or rather asset allocation is important to MMD. The Mohubedu Medici Dynasty plans to hold investment mainly in cash, equities, and bonds and slightly through various other instruments. MMD plans to acquire equities mostly with proven track records, strong cash flow and strong leadership. Companies with attractive growth prospects, companies that are recognized brands and have the potential to be even bigger brands.  

Closing the deal

MMD plans to hold equities in Logistics, Life style, Industrials, Energy, Petroleum, Construction, Property, Mobile and telecommunications, Technology, Asset Management companies , Retail, Healthcare and Food.  The idea is to continuously grow MMD through value adding equities and also by strategically diversifying the portfolio.  We believe that there is great value that can be unlocked by focusing mainly on Midcap equities. Commercia et negotiationem perfectus. Which simply means trade and business Perfect, and that is what we at MMD want to be trade and business perfect.